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Tiana Leigh Lung Foundation

Tiana has had tremendous support and love over the years and people have been amazing. I needed to say “thank you” and the only way I could do this was to form the Tiana Leigh Lung Foundation. This foundation was launched firstly to help Tiana with her medical needs but also to help and assist other children who suffer from rare and life threatening lung diseases throughout Africa.

Tiana has been the inspiration for this foundation with her motto in life being DARE TO THRIVE NOT JUST SURVIVE, and she is doing exactly that. We want to give other families hope where there is none and to give them the love and support that they need in times when they feel there is nothing.

Association Incorporated Under Section 21
Reg no: 9241/303/17/2
NPO no: 2008/012755/08
PBO no: 930032507

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  1. Her life is so amazing and unbelievable in a good way she is an inspiration in many people’s life, one day she will do an amazing testimony to the world and she is a survivor just like everybody I envy her. She is a blessing from God to the world l love her

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